We have years of experience in book publishing and data warehousing, with all our experiences we decided to start our own blog to provide all aviation related latest NEWS and happenings around the world to our users reading page.

We have grouped our posts broadly into the below categories,

  1. Business Aviation
  2. MRO
  3. Technology
  4. Civil Aviation
  5. Defence

Business Aviation

All major federal governments allowed business players in aviation industry due to which new aircrafts, low and luxury cost flight services, cargo services are developing rapidly every day.


Maintenance, repair & overhaul, where every aircraft will be certified before they fly. All maintenance and repair works will be done at these MRO hangers. Even from aviation business player to Airforce (defence) have their own MRO facilities.


All latest technologies used in aviation, from manufacturers, suppliers, flight operators, flights, crew members, passengers, airports, baggage collection to upgrade standards.

Civil Aviation

All non-military air transportation can be described as Civil Aviation. It represents both private and public air transport across the globe.

Defence Aviation

Defence Aviation is the usage of military aircrafts and its machines for military operations, search and rescue missions, aerial warfare, air cargo and logistics for military troops.