C-Check Aircraft Maintenance | Boeing Shanghai & Xiamen Air

Boeing Shanghai | C-Check Aircraft Maintenance | Xiamen Air
Boeing Shanghai

Boeing Shanghai Aviation services co limited made first maintenance check (C-Check Aircraft Maintenance) and WiFi modification for Xiamen Air at Shanghai Pudong Airport.

Boeing Shanghai & Xiamen Air

Boeing Shanghai is confident to establish its MRO, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul network in the Chinese market.

Mr Tang Jianqi, the general manager – Aircraft maintenance and engineering of Xiamen Air, said that our people are so happy to take service from Boeing Shanghai.

Our employees were eager from the beginning to see the C check maintenance and WiFi modifications, and we are satisfied with the state of art equipment and service methodologies provided by Boeing.

C-Check Aircraft Maintenance

C-Check is an extensive maintenance check procedure followed throughout the aircraft components, this procedure might take few days to complete.

Boeing Shanghai is partnered with Shanghai Airport Authorities and China Eastern Airlines. The current infrastructure is capable of servicing 737, 747, 767, 777 models.

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