China’s AG600 world’s largest amphibious aircraft

China has made a successful test on its first country made amphibious aircraft, which can take off from both land and sea.

This aircraft is now the world’s largest one in its kind. It is named as AG600, its wingspan is around hundred and twenty-seven feet.

AG600 - Largest amphibious aircraft
AG600 – Largest amphibious aircraft

The Power of aircraft AG600 is throttled with 4 turbo engines and it is capable of having 50 passengers onboard.

This aircraft make China one among of the leading countries having high-end amphibious aircraft.

It is believed that AG600 will play a major role in China’s Island building project.

China is the leading Asian country spending huge amount for military and its research.

According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the following data represents the funding of Asian countries in their military.

  • China – Two hundred and fifteen billion dollars
  • India – Fifty-six billion dollars
  • Japan – Forty-six billion dollars
  • South Korea – Thirty-seven billion dollars

Though the necessity of such aircrafts in the military is ultimate, China’s initial plan is to deploy it in marine find and rescue missions.

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