F/A18 Super Hornet fighter jet production facility in India

F/A18 Super Hornet production facility in India
F/A18 Super Hornet

F/A18 Super Hornet production facility is to setup in India by the leading aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Defence aviation industry is closely monitoring the large requirement of military jets for Indian Navy and Indian Airforce.

Initially Navy is planning to acquire 57 MRCBF flights, (Multi Role Carrier Borne Fighters) for its Aircraft Carriers, details gathered based on RFI, Request for Information launched by Navy.

Six fighter jets are adaptable for aircraft carriers,

  • Rafale (Fronce – Twin engine Jet)
  • F/A18 Super Hornet (US – Twin engine Jet)
  • MIG-29K (Russia – Twin engine Jet)
  • F35-B (US – Single engine Jet)
  • F35-C (US – Single engine Jet)
  • Gripen (Sweden – Single engine Jet)

Boeing states F/A18 fighter jets suits perfect for this requirement.

Vice president of Boeing, Mr Dan Gillian stated that F/A18 fighter jets would be the new generation aircraft design and development in India. Also, he added that Boeing will soon try to replace the old model of Indian Airforce jets Mig 21.

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