Iberia vocational aircraft maintenance course | October 2017

Iberia vocational aircraft maintenance course | October 2017
Iberia MRO

Iberia is to offer vocational aircraft maintenance course by October 2017.

Mr Alexander Schlag, apprentice program manager of Iberia, said that new vocational training law has been drafted in a way to create a lot of opportunities in education.

Aeromechanical Maintenance Course

This law made, Iberia to create a vocational course in aeromechanical maintenance. It contains 40% of theoretical classes and 60% of practical subjects.

Aeromechanical maintenance vocational program accommodates 50 students from Madrid secondary schools.

After the lab and workshop trainings, these students will gain knowledge in Iberia’s La Munoza maintenance facilities.

Course will begin by October 2017, the application for this course was already closed by June. Students will be paid from their second-year program.

No Job Assurance

Mr Alexander Schlag also said that students are eligible to get vocational training and experience certificates, but this program doesn’t provide any job assurance.

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