North Korea – Operational strike into U.S areas in Guam

North Korea’s plan to strike American soil is now revealed.  According to KCNA news agency, North Korea is planning for an operational strategy to strike U.S areas in Guam. This seems to be a serious warning signal to United States Airforce base (Andersen Air Force Base) in Guam.

Guam island is located in Western Pacific. It is a republic democratic, where governor leads the government. Guam’s economy is mostly depending on United States military base and its activities.

North Korea plan to strike American soil is now revealed
Guam – United States

North Korea’s operational plans were released after the latest warning to North Korea from President of United States, Donald Trumph as “face fire and fury like the world has never seen”.

Guam’s highlights,

  • It belongs to United States of America.
  • America’s closest region to North Korea.
  • Population of Guam is around 160000.
  • Total land area of Guam is around 544 square kilometers.

Though, Eddie Baza Calvo, Governer of Guam addressed his people stating that there is no escalated threat to Guam.

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