Runway accident at Medan city Indonesia, big disaster avoided

Indonesia’s department of aviation reported its recent runway accident at Medan city Indonesia, in which 2 planes hit each others wings while passing through the runway.

Lion Air - Indonesia - Runway accident
Lion Air – Indonesia

Lion Air operated Boeing airplane landed at Kualanamu airport on the island of Sumatra. Another Wings Air craft was waiting for departure to Meulaboh in Aceh province. Boeing airplane while taxying on the runway clipped a wing of Wings Air craft.

No passengers were injured and cause of the accident was unknown. Authorities are investigating to find the cause of the collision.

The left wing of Boeing Airplane and right wing of Wings Aircraft were damaged. Both planes are a part of Lion Group.

Andy Saladin, a spokesman for Lion Air said that all the passengers were safe and none were injured. Both the planes are at the apron, he added.

Indonesia’s aviation industry is growing as the number of domestic passengers has increased remarkably over the last decade, though it has shown miserable air safety records and repute for anarchic regulation.

Recently the Indonesian air traffic controllers association reported that Airnav, state air navigation company allows 84 take-offs and landings per hour in Jakarta which increases the probability for mishappenings.

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