The Trifan 600 do vertical landing and takeoff | XTI Aircraft Company

XTI Aircraft Company
Trifan 600 jet cabin from XTI Aircraft Company

XTI Aircraft Company is currently developing an aircraft called the Trifan 600. This aircraft will have a special ability to do the vertical landing and vertical takeoff.

This VTOL, Vertical Take-off, and Landing can fly long range and can carry 6 passengers.

The primary aim of XTI Aircraft company is to sell this Trifan 600 aircraft to business and corporate executives. The company aims to sell 100 aircrafts every year.

Trifan 600 jet will have all modern avionic technologies, like autopilot, computerised support in take-off and landing, all aircraft features.

This aircraft will be fly by single pilot instrument flight rules, IFR.

The Trifan 600 will have 2 high-performance turboshaft engines with 2600 horsepower. Also, it utilize the FADEC, Full Authority digital engine control.

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