Track aircraft accident location within 6 nm – ICAO

Track aircraft accident location within 6 nm
Tracking Aircraft

ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organisation insisted to implement a lot of changes to the aircraft tracking system, which enables us to track Aircraft accident location.

Aircraft tracking systems will be upgraded based on GADSS, Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System and ADT, Autonomous Distress Tracking concepts.

As per new SARP, Standards and Recommended Practices, upgraded systems will avoid aircraft missing situation, example vanished Malaysian airlines aircraft 370.

The two new amendments of Standards and Recommended Practices states,

  1. Aircraft tracking interval time should be 15 minutes – Amendment 39.
  2. Aircraft location reporting should be done every 1 minute – Amendment 40.

All these transmissions should be done through a self-sustaining system, should work even at aircraft power loss. With these systems, we can identify the aircraft accident location within 6 nm.

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