United States military bases to engage and destroy drones

The United States of America recently issued orders to all its military bases to engage and destroy all commercial and private drones across the country, if it creates aviation and safety threats to U.S.

United States Military ban Drone, FAA data
Drone capturing aerial view

In recent years, the number of unmanned aircrafts and drones population has increased rapidly in US air space. This became a big concern for the Pentagon officers.

In a recent public announcement, Pentagon spokesperson Navy Captain Jeff Davis informed that U.S military can take sufficient actions against the drones if they create national threat, these actions include destruction and seizing.

United States of military declared a ban on drones, on all its 133 bases from April. Nowadays drones are popular like games,

  • Amazon and Alphabet (Google unit), has started to use drones for package delivery.
  • Weather telecast groups started to use drones to capture critical weather recordings.
  • Movie and TV series production groups started to use drones to capture aerial & stunt shots.

According to FAA, Federal Aviation Administration drone fleet would be around 4,42,000 aircrafts by 2021. Commercial drones population could be around 1.6 million by 2021.

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